About us

Blue Bird Industries is a contract based company providing daily use products and Services. It encompasses different industries from hospitality, financial services, chemicals and manufacturing to Science discovery , technology and new industrial techniques.

To serve our customer adequately and in need to display our products to a variety of customers, The company provide services and products through : edencloset.com, which is a display of the variety of products we bring to our customer base.

To be acquainted with the company , please visit our Facebook and Instagram pages : Facebook.com/bluebirdindustries and Instagram.com/bluebirdindustries.

A Blue Bird Industries, LLC division, EdenCloset.com is a new concept of web based wholesale dealer shop in everyday use products. We proud ourselves in supplying our customers with necessary products we use in our daily life. We have a range of suppliers and widespread search engine to reach an expanded and extensive list of suppliers. We almost guarantee we will find the items or products you are searching through our portal or/and by simply requesting your products as a special order to support@edencloset.com . From the latest trending fashion to the Brand designer of your dream ; the upcoming and established designer, we will work hard on bringing the product to your assessment, use and satisfaction. As you can noticed, our products are based and sold per categories to ensure an extensive search on finding what every customer looking for.

sales consultant:

Our Experienced sale consultant, Cedric, will tirelessly work days and nights to bringing to your satisfaction the products you searching or craving for.